E.M.I.O. Innovation-Implementation Enterprise provides services in the following areas:

1. Calibration laboratory

To perform calibration services laboratory has Accreditation Certificate No. AP 128 issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation, issued in 2009, valid until 21.12.2021. Laboratory performs calibration and adjustment of the measuring systems in devices from own company production, accredited in the following fields: Pressure and vacuum, Flow (gas), Temperature, Humidity, Time and frequency.

2. Service of equipment manufactured by the Company

The Company provides warranty and post-warranty service of all manufactured devices, auxiliary and complementary equipment components, both in the field of electronics, software and mechanical processing and mechanics.

3. Consultancy

The company performs consulting services in the preparation for measurements of a research laboratory and perform measurements of emissions of dust and gases into the air.

4. Special performance

The company designs and builds custom special performance of technical measuring devices and additional equipment.